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Pastoral Care



We believe that caring for people is important, and that, unless they choose to do so, no-one should feel alone.

Many friendships develop in a casual way but we also think it is important to encourage links by a system of PASTORAL VISITORS.

Every person and family on our community roll is allocated to a PASTORAL VISITOR who will be the link between you and the church.

The Link is our quarterly church magazine. On the front cover of your copy of The Link is the name and telephone number of your distributor. He or she will be glad to act as your contact for any further information about the Church and its activities. Your Link distributor will be able to tell you the name and how to contact your pastoral visitor.

He or she will keep in touch with you, meeting and helping if necessary. If you have a problem that the visitor is unable to solve, he or she will put you in touch with the Minister or some other relevant person.

But of course you don’t have to be a pastoral visitor to care. You can start straight away. It is one way we show the caring love of Jesus in times when things are going well as well as when there are sadness or problems.

Please contact us if you need help or to share.